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A new listing will always be evaluated first by an admin. You will receive an email informing you about the publication.

Claim your listing

Did you see your listing but don’t know how to change it? Click on the ‘Claim’ icon to claim the listing to modify it. The claim needs to be approved by the admin first.

Add to Home Screen

We developped an app for your mobile phone. All you need to do is add it to your mobile phone by clicking ‘Add to Home Screen’. Once installed you have direct access to It is completely safe!

Why Localwebshops?

It is hard to find local goods from local dealers. The big players like Amazon and Bol always end up on top of the search results leaving the little ones behind.

Local webshops originated from the effort to unite and offer customers an overview of what is available locally.

Who is Local Webshops? is an initiative of BEÄR BV, Willemsstraat 14 b 2208, 1210 Brussels, Belgium.